Colton Haynes <3
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I was gonna say yes…


"You came!"

this was the most important scene of that whole episode don’t even lie

         For me, Cosima is the one i know, the one i used to. And i meet Rachel this season and it was really awkward.We got along, me and Tatiana.Me and Tatiana - Cosima,do you know what i mean? But me and Tatiana - Rachel is like kinda different.So I felt awkward the whole day I was like Hey buddy! I love…..

                                                               Evelyne Brochu

Morrell is omnipresent, she’s everywhere. She teaches French, she’s the therapist, she’s got magical powers. 

Emaya Meme - (1/8) favourite moments


Pretty Little Liars ~ Emaya vs. Paily

i think you think about things too much


Emaya shippers about Maya